Club Nights

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Time Trials

Time Trials are giving our athletes the opportunity to race in a fun and relaxed environment.

Time Trials are held to introduce junior swimmers to competitive swimming in a fun and safe environment as well as performance squad members to achieve official qualifying times.

  • Only Swimming WA registered ‘competitive’ members (on the day of the meet) are eligible for times swum to be recognised for future sanctioned online meet entries. Any ‘visitor’ wanting to become a Mandurah Swimming Club member is encouraged to contact us at

  • Entries to events will close if the number of entries exceed a reasonable finish time.

  • All swimmers are expected to provide at least one volunteer for timekeeping.

  • Time Trials are held on a Friday night at the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre with warm up commencing at 6:00pm and racing from 6:30pm.  Entries must be submitted by 9:00pm  on the Wednesday evening prior. 

  • Results will be posted below.

Helpful Information

  • This information is aimed to assist you in what happens at a Mandurah Swimming Club Time Trial. The aim is for you to have fun and to post some official times (Official Time Trials only) to see where you are at. It is all about having a go and doing the best you can. 

  • What to bring: Bathers, Mandurah Swimming Club cap and goggles.

  • Arrive 30 mins early to warm up.

  • After your warm up your name will be called for marshalling. They will confirm your heat number and lane number and direct you to a chair in the marshalling area. As each heat is taken to the blocks, then move to the chair directly in front. 

  • When it is just before your time to race, the check starter will take you behind the blocks. It might be a couple of heats before you race.

  • You will be called to the blocks by a long whistle. Either stand on the block or jump into the pool for backstroke.

  • The race will be started by the call of “take your marks” and then the beep of the starting signal.

  • Swim hard!

  • After your race stay in your lane until directed by the officials to clear the pool via the steps at the side or move out down the lane rope a little for backstroke.

  • Once out of the pool, grab your deck coat or a towel to keep warm and see your coach to get feedback on your event. 

  • Be prepared. Things can move pretty fast at Time Trials so you might not get much of a break between swimming and marshalling again.

  • Have fun and ask any of the marshalling people for help if you need it. The Club Captains and older swimmers can also be a great source of advice.