Mandurah Swimming Club

Our Captains

Our Club Captains are appointed from nominations received from our club members. Two Club Captains are appointed for each Swimming season, 1 Male and 1 Female Captain is preferred however it depends on the nominations received. 


The primary function of Club Captain is to facilitate communication between the swimmers and the Committee/Coaches, and to represent the swimmers in this regard. Club Captains need to be approachable and available to swimmers, so that their concerns can be raised.


To apply you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be a Mandurah Swimming Club member for the 2022/2023 season 

  • Regularly attend targeted meets 

  • Be willing to assist the club with organising events and fundraising 

  • Have an outgoing personality and excellent leadership skills 

  • Be willing to help out at carnivals, club nights and presentations 

  • Be ready to mentor and encourage junior swimmers 

  • Be encouraging and assist with creating an all-round club spirit 


While considering nominees, the Committee will take into account the general attitude of the swimmer towards both training and racing. The committee will also consider how enthusiastic and supportive the swimmer is with their teammates, especially younger members.

Swimming Pool
Jamie McRae
Club Captain
Chelsea Maley
Club Captain
Captain JM_edited.png
Captain CM_edited.png
Lathan Young
Club Vice Captain
Jemma Thomson
Club Vice Captain
Mackenzie Moody
Club Vice Captain